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An Essential Journey

Join me, Emma as I dive into the world of essential oils, healthier lifestyle and discover more sustainable environmental options.

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About Me

My Journey

Like some of you, my journey into Essential Oils was more by chance than intention.  I took a leap into the unknown and found a calling.  

A couple of years on I still use my essential oils with the same enthusiasm I did when I received my first home essentials pack.  I still remember my first oil (Frankincense) that I diffused when I got my oils, and whenever I diffuse Frankincense it takes me back to that moment, where my love of essential oils began.

The use of essential oils has taken my family and I on a journey.  A journey that expands far greater than just essential oils, a journey that explores health and lifestyle, a journey that discovers new ways to improve and protect both the planet and those around me.  

A journey of self discovery, pushing the boundries that sometimes limits us and prevents us form achieving greatness.

It has been one heck of a ride.  

I now look forward to helping you discover your own journey.


Let us discover together.



Gift From The Earth


Find out how doTERRA sources our essential oils, and why that matters. Many companies cut corners when it comes to planting, growing, and harvesting their oils. doTERRA’s commitment to providing the highest quality essential oils in the industry has inspired so many people that it’s taken us around the globe! 

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